1. Above are a few pics from the book launch/signing event for Plastic that took place at The Newsstand in Brooklyn last Sunday.

    What began as an experimental series, initially destined to become screen prints created during a 2011 artist residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum; turned into a two year book project that came together on July 14th, 2013.

    Below are the very first portraits made in this style. The first three were taken of model Simone in Barbados and the fourth is of German musician, Lary in Berlin:  


    Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

    So many people were involved in the making of Plastic that I would like to thank:

    Massive Thank You to my portrait subjects/collaborators:

    Gigi, Omar, Maryam, Ella, Stella, Daveny, Elena, Adi, Gabriel, Alyson, Barlow, Adriana, Ian, Carlie, Simon, Stone, Stephen, Ewan, Natalie, Bart, Lamia, Rodell, Yasmine, Alex, Sheena, Larissa, Simone, the Chow sisters.

    Thank you - Abby Wilcox for the gift of expired B&W Polaroids that got me started. Simone Small for being a boss muse. Dan Maxwell for the above and beyond support. Emily Hale for opening her Berlin home to me. Emily Hale for introducing me to her cast of amazing friends including David LaChapelle. David LaChapelle for encouraging a very nervous fan to keep pushing the series. Adil for letting me crash and hang in Brussels for so many weeks. Audrey, Yvonne, and Dinos for saving the day. Danny, Billy, Dionne, Amber and Rachel for providing a place to rest my bones in DC and NY. 

    Mossless [Romke Hoogwaerts and Grace Leigh] for giving me the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with them.

    My sponsors:

    Barbados Tourism Authority, Agapey Chocolate Factory, Caribbean Confection Company, and Sagicor General, 

    And of course: Mom, Dad, Aunt Joan, Uncle Barlow, and the Bradshaw family.  


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