1. Mark King Knightian Uncertainty (maritime) 32” x 32” Ink and pencil on paper 2014

  2. That’s me sitting next to Amanda Coulson (Art Critic, Curator, Director of The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, Co-founder of VOLTA Art Fair) and artists Blue Curry and Heino Schmid at our panel talk last Friday during Transforming Spaces

    I’m still processing this amazing experience. It was extra special that it all happened in a place where I spent a big chunk of my childhood. I’m grateful to have reconnected with Nassau and the sea of inspiring people involved in Transforming Spaces

    Photo courtesy of Curator/Writer Nicole Smythe-Johnson who also gave a solid talk that night. 


  3. Happy Birthday Mossless. You look great. 


    Mossless launched exactly five years ago. It’s our birthday!

    I’ll be honest with you—-the first few years weren’t easy. I had to forget about stats, notes, reblogs, and so on, and just make content. I knew that we needed to stay productive. I made the interview-every-two-days rule just so that I…

  4. Next month I head back to Nassau for the first time in a decade to participate in Transforming Spaces at Liquid Courage Gallery.

    It’s a homecoming of sorts. I grew up in Nassau between the ages of 7 and 12. This is the place where I signed up for my first art lessons, exhibited for the first time, learned how to play tennis/baseball/basketball, and where I cultivated my first crush(es). 

    I’ll be home April 2-6. Let’s hang out.